Custom Car Audio/Fabrication

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Fabrication?

Custom car audio fabrication refers to the process of designing and creating unique audio systems and installations tailored to the specific requirements and preferences of the vehicle owner. It involves the customization of speaker enclosures, amplifier racks, wiring configurations, and other components to optimize sound quality, aesthetics, and integration within the vehicle’s interior. This highly specialized process often involves skilled craftsmanship, precise measurements, and careful consideration of acoustic principles to achieve exceptional audio performance and a customized look.
Your system can be professionally installed and completely custom, depending on your budget.

Head Units

Head units, also known as car stereos or car audio receivers, are the central control units for car audio systems. They are installed in the dashboard of a vehicle and serve as the primary interface for audio playback, radio tuning, and connectivity options. Head units typically feature a display screen, buttons or touchscreen controls, and various input/output connections.

Overall, head units play a crucial role in controlling and enhancing the audio experience in a car, providing entertainment, connectivity, and convenience for drivers and passengers.


Subwoofers are specialized loudspeakers designed to reproduce low-frequency audio frequencies, particularly bass sounds. They are dedicated to reproducing the lower end of the audio spectrum, typically from around 20 Hz to 200 Hz or higher.

By adding a subwoofer to an audio system, users can enjoy a fuller and more balanced sound reproduction, with the subwoofer handling the low-frequency content and relieving the other speakers from the demanding bass duties.

Complete System Upgrades

Complete system upgrades for car audio systems involve replacing and upgrading multiple components to achieve a higher level of audio performance and overall sound quality. 

A complete system upgrade aims to create a more immersive and high-fidelity audio experience in the car, with improved clarity, accuracy, and bass response. It involves a comprehensive overhaul of the audio components, resulting in a more balanced and powerful sound system tailored to the listener’s preferences.

Custom Fabrication

Custom fabrication for car audio refers to the process of designing and building custom-made components and installations specifically for a car audio system. It involves creating unique and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs, preferences, and aesthetics of the vehicle owner.

Custom fabrication requires skilled craftsmanship, knowledge of acoustic principles, and attention to detail. It allows for the creation of one-of-a-kind audio installations that not only enhance the sound quality but also seamlessly integrate into the vehicle’s interior while reflecting the owner’s personal style and preferences.

How Much Should I Budget?


The cost of a custom car audio fabrication installation can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the complexity of the desired system, the specific components and equipment chosen, and the level of customization required. We can help you determine what type of distributed system will work for you, and we can provide you with a budget range to help assist your planning. Call our office to speak to a professional installer.