Power Sports

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Power Sports Audio Systems?

Audio Video Unlimited – Camrose offers audio system installations for power sport vehicles like ATVs and boats can enhance your overall experience by adding music or audio entertainment while you ride or cruise.

Marine Systems

Marine audio systems are specifically designed to withstand the challenging conditions of boating environments, including exposure to water, sun, salt, and vibrations, while delivering high-quality sound. They feature water-resistant and UV-resistant components, including speakers, amplifiers, and head units, ensuring durability and longevity in marine settings.

Marine System

ATV Systems

ATV audio systems are tailored for off-road adventures, providing riders with an immersive audio experience while riding. These systems are built to withstand the rugged terrain, vibrations, and exposure to dust and mud, offering durable and weather-resistant speakers, amplifiers, and source units designed specifically for ATVs.
ATV System

How Much Should I Budget?

The budget for an ATV or marine audio system can vary depending on the quality of equipment and features desired. We can help you determine what type of distributed system will work for you, and we can provide you with a budget range to help assist your planning. Call us to get an estimate.